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beauty products and brands with air pollution

Air pollution – the modern-day curse for our skin.

​Prof. Jean Krutmann (director at Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine in Germany), highlights a shift in what’s important regarding skin protection within the last 20-30 years. UV damage from the sun use to take the spotlight; these days, however, the potential dangers of air pollution on the skin is gradually creeping onto everybody’s radar. The scientific community is realising the harmful affects it has on our skin.
Krutmann quotes “air pollution has the potential to keep us busy for the next few decades.” & it would do; with the increase in urbanization and industrialization.

Environmental tech firm Plume Labs found that Central London has already breached EU nitrogen dioxide limits on 127 days since New Year’s Day 2018, which means that 80% of the time, illegal levels of toxic air are cloaking Oxford Street.

What does this mean for our skin?

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full lips without injections

Want full lips without the injections?

In today’s society, everybody is after the ‘Kylie Jenner’ plump lip look and if you do not want to undergo the cosmetic procedure of having dermal filler then Too-Faced may have just the right product for you, this means no filler or injections.
The gloss retails in stores both online and on the high street for around £10.00- £12.00 for a mini gloss and £22.00 for regular sized lippy where you get 4ml of product, some lip fillers can cost around £250.00 for 1ml of Juvéderm and often much more. So surely it makes more sense to buy a lip plumper for £10.00- £22.00, instead right? No Pain, no hefty bills, no regrets…

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magic food banana hand milk

Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk

Who are Tony Moly?

Tony Moly is without a doubt one of the cutest South Korean brands out there. What really makes them stand out from the rest, are its innovative ingredients and the MOST adorable packaging.

They have a full range of absolutely “to die for” packaging from egg shaped pore tightening cooling packs to tomato shaped hand creams. Alongside what some would call weird, or others would call incredibly innovative ingredients including their fermented snail secretion and bamboo sap skincare range.

& How did I discover this banana hand cream?

My most recent trip to Hong Kong had me stumbling upon a pop-up store in a shopping center for Tony Moly. Don’t worry, you can still purchase this hand cream in the UK at Selfridges for £9.50.

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CEW we move beauty forward

CEW – Beauty in the age of assistance and influence.

CEW never fail when deciding the topic of their conferences and this one was no exception. Beside being held in the fabulous Google offices, CEW and Google shared with us the priceless information we are all wanting these days…how beauty brands can build and thrive in a society where the consumer has unlimited information at the touch of a screen.

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Oh K Cherry Lip Mask

The Oh K! Cherry Lip Mask – Is it just a Gimmick?

Looking on the internet, I couldn’t find much on this product, there’s hardly any reviews and retailers such as Beautybay.com simply describe it as ‘a nourishing lip mask’, so when I tried this product out, I thought I must share my thoughts on this product…as it seems no one else is.

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makeup packaging

Makeup packaging almost too cute to open!

Makeup packaging that is almost too cute to open is a trend that will never go out of style. With so many chocolate lovers out there, chocolate bar inspired makeup is a classic in makeup packaging trends and is a timeless piece that brands will forever recreate.
Revolution’s new launches of chocolate bar palettes have taken a step up in the chocolate bar packaging game. Revolution have adopted a similar packaging style for their I Heart Revolution I ♡ Chocolate eyeshadow palettes (£8.99) to Too Faced chocolate bar eyeshadow collection (£49), but for a fraction of the price!

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