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Gemma Bellman (left) and Emilie Spire
Naomi Robinson

BeautyTech London #3

BeautyTech London #3 – Beauty Founders & Investors share their learnings 2nd July 2019 On 2nd July, Felix Capital hosted the third in their sell-out

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recruitment team at Arthur Edward London
Heidi Bannister

5 Key Things Recruiters Always Look For

​I tell everyone an interview should be a pleasure not a chore, it’s a chance for you to find out more about a company and role and for them to find out more about you.
It is crucial that you have the skills and ability to do the job but don’t forget you also have to get across your personality and characteristics, soft skills or competencies are just as important as your experience.

5 Key things that recruiters look for are
Reliability, Efficiency, Confidence, Communication, Passion.

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Arthur Edward cosmetic industry jobs
Heidi Bannister

20 Top Tips To Guarantee Your Next Promotion

Gone are the days when people get promoted simply by being there the longest. To guarantee your next promotion you have to earn it, be the best, stand out from the crowd. You have to get noticed.

Many people are happy to muddle along and there is nothing wrong with that, but if you want that promotion you have to go the extra mile and make it happen.

You need to be motivated, dedicated and disciplined…

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Well Groomed For The Job You Want

I’m sat on the train heading towards Paddington enjoying one of my favourite hobbies…people watching. As usual the train is packed and people are forced into uncomfortable situations of having strangers invade their personal space, something most people dislike.

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the handshake not as easy as it sounds
Industry News
Heidi Bannister

The Handshake. Not As Easy As It Sounds.

The handshake. Doesn’t sound too scary… or does it?! I don’t mean to scare you, but getting the handshake right really is very important.

Whether you are at a networking event, going on a job interview, interviewing a candidate, or just greeting someone in general life, there are a few handshakes which should be firmly avoided.

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