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busy london station with people going to work
Naomi Robinson

Make Your Commute Count

At times just getting to work and back can feel like a job in itself. Arthur Edward HQ is in London’s Covent Garden, a lively and

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OPI Gel Color for nails
Holly Stanley

Breaking Records, Not Nails!

​Congratulations to the OPI teams on creating nail history this weekend with the Guinness World Record for the Longest Manicure Bar ever!

The #1 Salon Brand worldwide set up shop in Santa Monica, California, with a nail bar stretching 150 feet – more than 45 meters!

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cupcakes and a bottle of prosecco
Industry News
Heidi Bannister

FMCG – Food & Drink to Non Food

If you have spent your FMCG career working in food and drink and never really ventured into the non food isles maybe now is the time to consider a change.

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jobs in the beauty industry, perfumer smelling perfume
Industry News
Heidi Bannister

10 Habits of Successful people

Everyone measures success in different ways, the executive with the flashy house, car and holidays might ooze success but inside he might be deeply unhappy. The smiling wife and mother who offers support and is always there to pick up the children might be yearning for the cut and thrust of the boardroom.

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