Benefit BADgal Bang Mascara


By Ema Vranici.

Benefits BADgal Bang mascara retailing at £21.50 for the full size and £10.00 for travel size.

Yes, I know, not the first time you’re hearing about this product. Benefit seem to be killing the mascara game recently and this new mascara is no exception.

Let’s break down the claims being made for this product.

“36-hour wear” ok so as for this claim I personally haven’t kept a mascara on for 36 hours I have kept it on for a 12-hour day and, not bad! It does wear down but I can say for sure not as much as other mascaras and even wears better for longer than some waterproof mascaras that I’ve tried!

“Full-blast volumising mascara creates massive volume without weighing down lashes” so, I can definitely vouch for the fact that this mascara is completely weightless on the eyelashes and doesn’t weigh down the lashes at all giving them a huge amount of volume and beautiful and lasting curl.

Fun fact: apparently, the reason it’s so light weight is because it contains ‘aero-particles’ which are gravity defying and one of the lightest materials derived from space technology, cool right?

“Pitch black & layers easily” yes yes yes! The mascara is so black and layers very well. Looks like falsies. And doesn’t clump easily but can also give a spider-y look if you’re not careful, unless you’re into that in which case, go crazy!

“Smudge proof” now, this I don’t agree with. This mascara definitely smudges on me, eyelid and under-eye. This is such a shame because it is one of my favourite mascaras for lengthening and most pigmented.

Now, I don’t know if this happens due to oily under-eyes/eye lids but with that being said I don’t have particularly oily skin.

In conclusion, I would recommend this mascara to those of you looking for a more high-end mascara and haven’t already found one that you love. This could be the one!