Building a Beauty Brand with Bazaar!

Katy Young, Harper’s Bazaar’s beauty director, hosted a panel with three of the industry’s innovative ladies, who explore the highs and lows of founding and growing their own successful cosmetic businesses’ both nationally and internationally. The panel includes the fabulous Jo Malone where she shares with us her personal and professional journey from ‘Jo Malone’ to ‘Jo Loves’ and the story behind the beautiful scents which the world has fallen for.

Alexia Inge, the Co-founder & Co-CEO of Cult Beauty says her mission is to demystify the beauty industry, combining consumer trials with the vast knowledge of experts to filter out the ‘blaggers and braggers’ from the gems that do what they say on the tin. Last but definitely not least, Denise Leicester who explores the dynamics of natural healing. Her journey has seen her take on many roles – as a qualified nurse, aroma-therapist, yoga teacher, sound healer, holistic bodyworker and spiritual philosopher this is definitely reflected in her earth-loving products.

The evening entailed an inspiring talk between the three humble entrepreneurs alongside Bazzar’s Katy Young and the intrigued audience who were of course all hungry for the truth behind the success.



So, what does it really take to own your own beauty brand and become an entrepreneur?


The truth behind what it takes is not about having tons of money behind your product but instead about your own personal story and telling this to the audience, making your adventure authentic and original. This makes the product your own and this alone can make your brand stand out in such a massive market. Following on, similarly it’s about finding your voice, not being afraid to put yourself out there, you have to remember every multi-million international brands started off as an idea on the kitchen table and this was the case for the well-known panel.

Jo Malone mentions how consistency is a very key factor in running your business, so nurturing your brand and giving it your all is essential to become successful, you really have to be passionate and believe in yourself and your products and your audience can really see this.

The most important thing when having an idea, creating and executing your brand is the big P word… PASSION. Our panel all agree that without this your brand will not work, you need to have that hunger and drive for success when starting up your own line and this will really shine through your products to your consumers and audience.

The talk was captivating and refreshing to hear from women who have already been on this exciting journey and can share with us the ups, downs and the beauty of building a brand.