Dior Backstage Foundation


Who doesn’t want a foundation which perfectly matches the skin tone? No one!

Since the launch of the new revolutionary brand Fenty Beauty created by Rihanna in 2017, offering 40 shades, a lot of brands wanted to do the same.

The Pro filter by Fenty Beauty offers a matte long lasting and high coverage foundation, which is good. But if you need something more natural, you will love with a big L the new Dior Backstage foundation!

With an impressive shade range covering 40 different skin tones, from extremely fair to very deep,

As well as neutral, cool and warm undertones, with easy to decipher labels for online purchases, Dior has created a product that seems to cater to everyone.

In terms of texture, I have tried a lot of foundations (and when I say a lot I’m literally not joking), and the Dior Backstage is one of the best yet! A little product goes a long way, making this foundation cost effective, the thin consistency blends effortlessly onto the skin, with no separation or clinging to any texture.

The result is a very natural your skin but better look. I have freckles on my cheeks and I still can see them, which for me is the test to see if the result will be natural or not.

What else? Oh yes, the finish.

Let’s talk about it.

A natural kind of satin finish. It’s not too matte which can sometimes look a little cakey, especially if you have dryer skin and it’s not too glowing for those with an oilier complexion. It’s simply in between. As I said, your skin but better.

And guess what? If you have breakouts you can build it and add more foundation where you have imperfections. If you do it little by little, the result will be “imperceptible”.

As the product was created for a “backstage look”, the foundation is resistant to high temperatures making it long lasting. When you must suffer through the crowded stuffy tube the morning, or when you are in a rush, it will simply resist the heat, and you can arrive at work like a fresh beautiful rose.

It sounds like the holy grail, doesn’t it?

For 50ml this foundation is £29, most other foundations are 30mL, so this is amazing value for money!