What is it and what does it do?

The Clarisonic claims to do a few little miracles, this includes:

– Removing six times more dirt, oil and makeup than regular cleansing. This means you can wave goodbye to blackheads and clogged pores!

– Increases the absorption of your skincare products meaning that your skin can really draw in all the antioxidants from your creams and serums rather than sitting on top of the dead skin your body’s surfaces.

– Reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles

– It helps clear up dry patches and acne and creates a very even tone across the face and other areas which you use the Clarisonic.

And who wouldn’t want all of that? You can use this form of cleansing daily and although the brand does not claim for this product to be a form of exfoliation, I would defiantly say it does gently exfoliate skin and removes dead skin cells.

The Clarisonic has a rate of 300 movements per second but when applying to the skin it just feels more of a gentle vibration which can be complimented beautifully

by a soft cleanser.. often I use the simple products or the Bioré baking soda foam for best results.

This product is one I would generally use when showering because it can get a bit messy very quickly, so yes I would definitely recommend using when showering.

The packaging is very sleek and fresh which reflects the products clinical appearance which I do very much like about the Clarisonic and I think that the marketing behind the products appearance is supposed to entice customers into to believing all the magic is in the item and not the packaging.

During use, the Clarisonic feels great and quite literally feels like it’s drawing all the toxins from your skin leaving your skin feeling super soft. The product retails for around £99.00 – £130.00 depending on which store your looking to purchase it from.

At first, I thought that is was quite expensive which you are probably also thinking but if you’re really into skincare and love trying new products that do actually work then it’s worth every penny. It’s also travel friendly and super simple to charge and use. The Clarisonic comes with 2 settings, regular and slightly faster, penetrating your skin further however if I am honest I do not really see the difference between the options as they

feel pretty similar. One great feature is the pre-timing,

After starting your cleanse your Clarisonic will beep every-time it recommends moving onto the next section of your face, chest or back. This feature is particularly

great because it means you don’t over exfoliate and your skin remains even toned.

The purge

Now I know you’re probably thinking what on earth do I mean when I mention the ‘purge.’ Those who have brought and used this product will most likely

understand this. After a couple of weeks of using the Clarisonic you may feel as though your skin is reacting negatively and your noticing more blemishes than you did before using it.

However, do not let this deter you as this is a common reaction due to the change in your skin care regime and will pass soon enough leaving you with beautifully soft and flawless skin. So yes, you will have to experience the storm before the calm. But hey, beauty is pain, right?

To buy or not to buy? I would definitely recommend trying out the Clarisonic if you’re after smooth deeply cleansed skin, however if you have very sensitive skin or suffer from chronic acne then I would give this a miss and just use your fingers for light exfoliation as you don’t want to irratate your skin.