Natural & Organic Products Exhibition; ‘it's time for a change’


The Arthur Edward team visited the Natural and Organic exhibition in the ExCel Centre. Who knew there’s so many natural and organic brands out there trying to hit a sale with the big boys! It was extraordinary to see how big this part of the industry has become. Little did I know, beauty products can be made from Donkey Milk now (which surprisingly, isn’t as bad tasting as it sounds… yes, I drank it!) It’s great to know that a huge number of these small, unique brands have the chance to show off their products at a massive event like this!


The knowledge and commitment these brand owners put into their products is amazing. I now know how one brand uses silk worms to create their Face, Body and Eye serums and how ‘Cheeky Panda’ use Bamboo plants to ensure the tissue industry is sustainable and kind to our planet, AMAZING (not only that, their packaging is super cute too!)


Other than the beauty side of the event, the food section was HUGE!!! So much food to try, which of course I did. I absolutely loved the fruit and grain bars along with all the creamy chocolate but I’m afraid to say I can’t speak as highly of the vegan cheese. One thing I was seriously impressed with, was the world’s largest chocolate brownie! I thought I’d never see heaven on earth, but yesterday I did.


This really was a great show. Perfect to mooch around, try and learn more about the Natural and Organic side of beauty that you may not see every day. There were definitely some amazing brands at the event that stuck out to me! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled!