Pure Beauty Magazine May 2018


A huge British icon, who has inspired many women to try out more makeup and new looks is Charlotte Tilbury. Makeup is seen as a secret weapon as it has the power to change people’s opinions. She has experienced the reality role of a makeup artist and used her needs and wants within that job to set up her own makeup brand. Charlotte decided to give away her secrets/tips when applying makeup, so women can make themselves look glamorous without needing a makeup artist.

Makeup creates more confidence in someone and can influence the job you go into. With Charlotte, she believes that without makeup she would not have the husband she has today or the successful career. However, 50% of woman do not wear makeup and this is because of the expectations that have been set by makeup artists causing people to believe it requires a lot of skill. This created a unique selling point for Charlotte’s business as she now provides tutorials/instructions on how and where to apply the makeup. Charlotte also sells palettes with colours that she believes go well together and create a nice look, both methods increased women’s confidence in makeup as they now have a guideline to follow. This separates Charlotte’s business from all the other makeup and cosmetic brands which is why it has been so successful.

The social side of the business has also been a success due to the power of knowing big celebrities. Charlotte’s close friend Kim Kardashian has promoted her business hugely on social media which attracts fans of Kim to then go and purchase Charlotte Tilbury products. Charlotte also likes to make it known to people on Instagram that she is close friends with many supermodels as it then gives her brand a high reputation. Social media is one of the best ways to reach out to customers as it can reach a wider market (globally) and is a cheap, easy method of advertising therefore saving money but still becoming known all over the world