Pure Beauty Magazine Review June 2015


Here are the main points that we should take from this month’s pure beauty: – By Eloise Bell


  • Estee Lauder plans to move into a TFL (Transport for London) innovative retail space with a yearlong contract for a pop-up store in Piccadilly Circus Underground Station. Aveda is the first of Estee Lauder’s brands to occupy one of the retail units at the station.
  • Jo Malone transforms customer into creator- Jo Loves shot candle is an industry first as it allows the customer to become the creator by designing a bespoke fragrant candle from a selection of different scents in store. The concept was inspired by a chance moment in New York when Jo had the idea to create bespoke candle that combined not one but two fragrant moments. It was the first time Jo designed a product that invites customers to become part of the creative process by blending their own moments together.
  • Colgate tops the beauty brand chart after Kantar Worldpanel’s annual study showed it was bought by over half of the world’s households.

What’s new in skin care?

  1. Alpha-H Liquid Laser Concentrate Serum – light, weightless serum created to hydrate the skin
  2. Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleaning Wipes – micellar technology in wipe format. The basis of micellar technology is a particle called a micelle, which is made up of a little head and tail. The head is hydrophilic (loves water) and then tail is lipophilic (oil-loving). When the micelles come into contact with your skin, the tails grab and trap oil and dirt in the micelle heads, removing it from your skin.
  3. Elemis Men Anti-Fatigue Day Cream – intensely energising but light in texture.
  4. Zelens Z Luminous Brightening Serum – a blend of powerful ingredients to brighten, smooth and hydrate the skin.

What’s new in fragrance?

  1. David Beckham
  2. Atelier Cologne
  3. Shay & Blue
  4. Bronnley

What’s new in make-up?

  1. Dolce & Gabbana – new summer shine collection
  2. Stila – weightless, water-based blush
  3. Collection – blush stick
  4. Morgan Taylor’s – chrome collection

What’s new in hair care?

  1. Aveda Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque
  2. Percy & Reed – Wonder Prime Light
  3. Pantene Pro – V Hydration UV Protection Spray
  4. Macadamia Professional – Nourishing and Moisturising oils

What’s new in body care?

  1. Radox Feel Indulged Range
  2. Margaret Dabbs Intensive Anti-Aging Hand Serum
  3. Kaffe Fassett Achillea – bath, body and home fragrance collection
  4. Salvatore Ferragamo Emozine Velvet Body Cream

Meet the buyer at Harrods, Perfumery & Cosmetics, Vesa Kalho:

  • He began on the shop floor at Harrods 13 years ago and has worked his way up where he is now the Perfumery & Cosmetics Buyer.
  • Harrods is unique from any other retailer as there is only one Harrods. It is internationally renowned for stocking the very best in beauty market.
  • A wide range of products is offered that clients can’t get anywhere else, lots of exclusive brands, Salon de Parfums leads the market for exclusive fragrance.
  • Each brand that is stocked will present their new launches six months in advance for the buyers to make the final selection of what is listed, they can then organise meetings and finally plan the launch strategy.
  • Moschino’s Toy fragrance and Harrods Salon de Parfums were the most exciting beauty launches in the past year.
  • The launches of Alaia and Miu Miu are exciting fragrances to be launched in the near future. It is also exciting that Charlotte Tilbury will be joining the Harrods brand portfolio in July, strengthening the Harrods colour offering.
  • Toning and lifting products are currently being worked in to drive the skin care category forward, in make-up much like skin care contouring is still very popular, rare ingredients in fragrance such as oud, amber, patchouli, iris and rose are trending at the moment.
  • Fragrance continues to excel and are the best performing products in Harrods, especially the Salon de Parfums on the sixth floor.
  • Harrods is part of COPRA – “a dynamic and outstanding organisation that we are extremely proud to be a part of.”