Pure Beauty March 2016


Here are the main points that we should take from this month’s Pure Beauty Magazine:

What’s new in skin care?

1.Nyasa – New brand to the UK

2.Elemis – Pro definition facial oil

3.Crystal Clear – Contour IT

4.Dermatx – Microdermabrasion system

Editor’s pick: Magnitone – Wipeout

What’s new in fragrance?

1.Lalique – Reve D’Infini

2.Boucheron’s – New Fragrance Set

3.Bentley – Monument And Momentum Intense

4.Britney Spears – In Bloom

Editor’s pick: JOOP! – WOW!

What’s new in make-up?

1.Avon – Mark Gel Shine Nail Enamel Range

2.Gosh – Liquid Matte Lips

3.Clarins – Pore Perfecting Matifying Foundation

4.Rimmel – Volume Shake Mascara

Editor’s pick: Bobbie Brown – Cushion Compact Foundation

What’s new in hair care?

1.Pall Mall Barbers – Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner

2.Lush – Shampoo Bar

3.John Frieda – Brilliantly Brighter

4.The Wet Brush – Custom Care Detangling Hair Brush

Editor’s pick: DS Laboratories’ – Anti Hair Loss Treatment

What’s new in body care?

1.Vita Liberata – Ten Minute Tan

2.Sure – Maximum Protection Antibacterial Odour Protection

3.Korres – Lavender and Citrus Scented Shower Gel

4.Minnies – Samantha and Billie Faiers From The Only Way Is Essex New Range

Editor’s pick: ESPA – Limited Edition Restorative Balm

How to: Get Silky Smooth Hands.

Step 1: Exfoliate The Skin – Margaret Dabbs, Founder of a leading hand and foot care brand, says dehydrated hands and nails is a common problem in the winter months. Margaret’s first piece of advice is to exfoliate the skin as it will remove any dead skin cells and leave your hands hydrated and smooth. The Margaret Dabbs exfoliating hand scrub is gentle and creamy exfoliator and combines the buffing effect of orange peel and jojoba beans to get rid of dead skin. However, any exfoliating cream will do.

Step 2: Use A Moisturiser – Dabbs next step would be to apply a good hand moisturiser. It is very easy for your hands and nails to dry out during winter so it is very important to keep them hydrated and moisturised. L’Occitane shea butter hand cream contains a rich and nourishing formula with shea butter, honey, almond extracts and coconut oil to nourish parched hands and fingers. However, other moisturisers will do the trick nicely too.

Step 3: Hydrate Nails And Cuticles – Margaret say it is important that the nail bed and cuticles stay hydrated as this will keep them looking healthy and will in turn promote strong nails and will reduce ridging, dehydration and tatty cuticles. Dabbs suggests using a good nail and cuticle product, OPI’s Avoplex nail and cuticle replenishing oil contains avocado oil, which penetrates deep into the skin, keeping it hydrated and moisturised. Another trick is to soak your nails in olive oil for a few minutes every day.

Step 4: Apply a Sunscreen – It is easy to forget to apply sunscreen in the winter months. You need to remember that your hands are almost always bare and fighting the elements, this this can lead to premature aging. Margaret Dabbs SPF 30 sun defence for hands will keep them protected from the sun and from drying up. It will also help seal the moisture from the hand lotion. However, any sun screen designed specifically for hands will work nicely.

Step 5: Buff Nails – finally Dabbs adds that we should use a buffer on the nails. This will instantly shine and illuminate the nails, leaving a long lasting and healthy sheen. Leighton Denny trio buffer is three sided to buff ridges, sooth out the surface of the nail and buff the nails to a glass like shine. However, any nail buffer will work just as good.