The Oh K! Cherry Lip Mask – Is it just a Gimmick?


Looking on the internet, I couldn’t find
much on this product, there’s hardly any reviews and retailers such as simply describe it as ‘a nourishing lip mask’, so when I tried
this product out, I thought I must share my thoughts on this product…as it
seems no one else is.

The first thing I noticed about the mask
was how cute and fun the packaging was. The bright colours and the artwork
really make the product stand out from the rest. When you open the mask, you
have to take the product out of a case style packaging. I did enjoy this as it seemed
more sterile and clean but in the back of my head I was thinking, more
packaging = more waste = bad for the environment! Is that extra bit of
packaging really that important?

Anyway, on to the actual product. The
mask feels like jelly, really slimy and flexible, so slippery that I actually
dropped it the minute I got it out the packet! Lucky it only went on my
dressing table, so I could still use it, imagine if it had fallen on the
floor…game over! When you apply the mask, I did find it didn’t stick to my lips
with ease. I kind of had to suck in to get the mask to actually stay on my lips.
I found laying down helps as it doesn’t actually have the option to slide down
your face, it just has to stay there. The smell of the mask is amazing. Smells
like cherries, super sweet!

They recommend leaving the mask on for
10-20 minutes, I think I did it for about 15 before I had to burst out and
start talking again (not speaking for 2 minutes is hard for me, let alone 20!)
Once I’d taken off the mask, I didn’t really notice much difference to be
honest. Yes, my lips felt moisturised, but nothing a good lip balm couldn’t do,
nothing to rave and rant about.

I can’t say this product is a complete

waste of money. I wouldn’t use it as part of my weekly skincare routine as I

just don’t see the benefits however I can see this being a great little number

for when the girls come over, have a glass of wine, a gossip and pamper,