Want full lips without the injections?


Too-Faced Lip Injections Extreme Gloss

In today’s society, everybody is after the ‘Kylie Jenner’ plump lip look and if you do not want to undergo the cosmetic procedure of having dermal filler then Too-Faced may have just the right product for you, this means no filler or injections.

The gloss retails in stores both online and on the high street for around £10.00- £12.00 for a mini gloss and £22.00 for regular sized lippy where you get 4ml of product, some lip fillers can cost around £250.00 for 1ml of Juvéderm and often much more. So surely it makes more sense to buy a lip plumper for £10.00- £22.00, instead right? No Pain, no hefty bills, no regrets…

Well, I decided to put this to the test and see if this product really does work. I bought the travel sized gloss; the packaging was lovely and very attractive to the eye with its sleek and clinical appearance. The gloss itself has a holographic sheen to it which I do very much like as it makes it fun and ‘edgy’. The scent, I expected to be minty as most lip plumper glosses tend to be however I was pleasantly surprised as it smelt of watermelon, very fresh but also subtle and not too overpowering which again, I find many other products to have an overwhelming scent.

The gloss doesn’t feel thick or uncomfortable on the lips but instead light and not sticky which I liked most about this product. So, now what you all want to know… does this product do what it claims to and plump those lips? Yes, it does give your lips a desirable fuller look after applying a thin coat of the gloss. It does have a stinging and slight burning sensation which for some may be enough to put them off using it again. However, the sensation is not awful and definitely tolerable. After applying I waited 10 minutes as they suggest, and I gradually felt my lips naturally pouting and looked and felt great. One downfall to the product is that if the gloss comes into contact with the skin it can become irritable and pink. So, make sure you apply the product precisely and onto your lips only and not around the skin by accident.

Overall, Too-faced lip plumper is great alternative to lip fillers however of course the choice is yours, some may prefer a more permanent effect therefore using filler would be the best option whereas other may enjoy a temporary effect which is more cost-effective and non-invasive. Either way, I would recommend trying out the Too-Faced gloss as it even works nicely just as a sheen on the lips.