Want to know how to get that JLo glow?


Want to know how to get that JLo glow? Follow these 5 tips
to get you summer ready.

No one wants dull, dry skin ever, but especially in the
summer. I have taken it upon myself to give you some quick and easy tips and
trick to help you achieve that summer glow we all long for.

1.Starting from the inside, the easiest and
cheapest way to improve your skins glow is… drink water! Yes, that simple. The
skin is made up of 64% water, so as you can imagine the more you drink, the
better. As your water intake increases, skin will start to appear fuller, with
less visible pores and wrinkles. Why? Water plumps the skin, basically meaning
the pores and wrinkles get filled in. By drinking 500 millilitres of water, blood
flow increases to the skin which in turn is going to make the skin look much
healthier and give you the perfect foundation for that ‘summer glow’

2.Please, scrub away winter! Its that time of year
when the cold and dull days are in the past, so make sure you leave your winter
skin with it. Exfoliating 1-2 times a week will ensure the dead skin is washed
away, allowing that new radiant skin to be the perfect canvas for makeup and
your new inner found glow. If you try scratching your arm and see a white trail
left behind, that’s dead skin and your body telling you to stop what your
doing, buy an exfoliator and use it!

3.After exfoliation, moisturiser is going to be
your best friend. Don’t just think a basic cream, think serums, oils, creams,
the whole lot. Adding moisture into your skin topically (applying directly) is
just as beneficial as hydrating your body from the inside. Don’t be scared off
when I mention the word ‘oil’. I know in this weather, the last thing you want
to do is slather thick oil all over your skin, just make sure you only use a
small amount of a light weight oil to ensure your face won’t melt off this
summer. Apply the oil after exfoliation in the evening, if you are particularly
dry, I’d think about using the oil in the morning as well. By applying the oil
after exfoliation, it will allow the oil to soak into the skin, combatting
dryness and brightening the complexion.

protection. If you’re like me you have a bad habit of forgetting to use
probably the most important thing in your skin care routine, sun cream. Long
gone are the days of sun cream not rubbing in, leaving a white cast over the
face whilst ensuring you look the oiliest you have ever been, times have
changed. Brands have so many products these days which include SPF, from
skincare to the actual makeup products. There’s no excuse. When you think of
being in the sun from hours on end, you expect naturally glowing tanned skin,
little did you know when the sun damages the skin, it can make it appear dull
and lacklustre. To avoid this problem arising, simply use SPF!

by certainly not least, makeup! Probably what most of you was expecting to be
number one in this list. We all see the models on Instagram and youtubers
achieving this perfect glow just by using a few staple products but it’s
challenging to recreate this glow, our first instincts when trying to replicate
this is to dive into every glowy product we can find, starting by covering our
faces in iridescent primers, slathering on the luminous foundations, adding
about 5 different liquid highlighter and setting them with powder highlighters
(just in case we lose that glow half way through the day) and finally,
finishing it off with ‘just a touch of lip gloss’. Take a step back and rewind.
This kind of routine is just going to clog up your pores, it may give you an
artificial glow, but certainly not that healthy summer glow we want.

Simple is better.

with a light luminous foundation, just to even out the skin tone. If you have
oily skin, go in with your normal foundation and try applying the luminous
foundation only to the high points of the face, for example the cheekbones.
Cream products are going to be your lifesaver in summer, I recommend bronzing
with the Chanel soleil tan de Chanel (cream bronzer), sweeping it around the
perimeter of the face, just touching over the nose and tops of cheekbones to
give that natural ‘I’ve been on the beach all day look’. Finally add a small
amount of cream highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose,
brow bones and inner corners of the eye to ensure you are glowing to the
heavens. Charlotte Tilbury have just realised their new Hollywood Flawless
Filter which is literally designed for this use. Do not forget to set! Use a
light dusting of a translucent powder to ensure there is no excess oil build
up, making you look more like a glazed doughnut rather than a glowing goddess.