Women in STEM!

Last Friday at the Chippenham Campus, girls aged 13-14 were invited from all over Wiltshire to attend the Women in STEM day.

The aim of the day was to introduce girls to many different practical applications for STEM subjects to encourage them to take them to further education, and the SCS exhibited alongside many other businesses and Universities.

Wales & West Committee members, Kirsty Gainey, Clare Barr and Heidi Bannister spent an enjoyable (but exhausting day) educating, engaging and discussing the science behind cosmetics with several hundred girls.



As well as promoting the SCS Scrub up on science program to the teachers, we ran experiments involving emulsion creation and surfactant salt thickening whilst explaining about surfactants and micelles, experiments involving fragrances assessment and how it’s much harder that you’d think!


Plus, very non-scientifically and competitively took moisture readings using a conductivity meter amongst groups of friends (explaining about the proper procedures and claim substantiation at the same time).


We highlighted that although we are a science driven industry, trends, fashion and creativity play a big part in our day to day roles as formulators. Generally, we all waxed lyrical about the industry that we all love.

I’m sure we’ll be invited back again next year if anyone wants to join us!