Stop! Is it really the right time to jump jobs?


Your 6am alarm blares…surely it cannot be Monday morning again…

You tell yourself everyone hates that early morning screeching, the sole purpose of an alarm is to be so excruciatingly awful that you get up to make the sound stop. You tell yourself that none of your friends like Mondays. You get yourself showered and begin the mighty long commute into the office.

You arrive, already exhausted and the week has not even begun. You begin your tedious tasks, feeling frustrated that your true potential and knowledge are not being utilised.

You earn little money, well certainly less than you feel you should, and you leave the office feeling uninspired, tired and still skint. Oh yes, and then there is the epic commute home before starting the same monotonous day again tomorrow. STOP.

So a new job opportunity comes your way, it is an obvious decision, YOU TAKE IT!

But what about when you are comfortable in your current job?

It pays the bills, you have some good friends, you know your daily tasks inside out and it’s rare to feel stressed or overwhelmed with your work load.

Again a new job opportunity comes your way… the question is, SHOULD YOU TAKE IT?

Take a moment and ask yourself…

  1. Do you understand the culture of this new company and will I fit and enjoy their working environment?
  2. What do you really want from your next position? Career progression? Have you even discussed future possibilities of promotion and how quickly?
  3. Who can I learn from and what can I learn in this new positon? This must be more than what you can learn from your peers and seniors in your current company.
  4. Is the commute really do-able? Have you actually made the commute during your new working hours, should you join the company?
  5. Financially is this a good decision. If they are offering too much, if it sounds to good to be true, the truth is it probably is. OR taking a pay cut for a more enjoyable and fulfilling role? Can you truly afford to do this, have you actually sat down and written out the financial implications?

Once you have gone through the above questions and you are satisfied that the pros out-weigh the cons for each of them then, and only then, should you sign that new contract and make that jump.