Supporting Your Staff Through Relocation

As Arthur Edward Surveys and Reports consistently reveal, loyalty is high within the beauty, cosmetics and personal care industry.

During their long careers, many people will relocate to gain career progression or other exciting opportunities.

Employers must be mindful that relocating for work is a big decision, especially if the move is international. It can mean uprooting a whole family, leaving a well-established support network behind.

By supporting people with the practicalities of moving, a company shows that it values its staff and will be a great employer.

Multinationals often have people and processes dedicated to easing the process for their staff. By contrast, companies with less experience of relocation vary widely in the support they offer.

A word of warning to employers; we have seen several candidates change their minds about joining a company that leaves them to handle a major move without assistance.

Naturally, people will research the move and location online, but sharing local knowledge will help them make informed decisions.

Here are some aspects of the move they will need to consider:

Cultural differences

  • Local language, opportunities for learning
  • Guidance on dress, behaviour and customs

Where to live

  • Local cities, towns and developments
  • Recommended letting and estate agents, removal companies
  • Short-term accommodation options
  • Schools and childcare facilities

Getting around

  • Local transport, connections to large cities and airports
  • Options for travel to work
  • Advice for drivers


  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping malls and centres
  • Local markets

Health care

  • Local doctors, dentists, pharmacies
  • Requirements for people coming from abroad


  • Banking advice, especially for people coming from abroad
  • Advice for opening an account and international money transfers

Free time

  • Restaurants
  • Cinemas, theatres, clubs
  • Gyms, sports venues
  • Children’s activities

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