Apoorva Sriram


Research & Marketing Executive

Apoorva finds great satisfaction in bringing order and organisation to projects, and applies those skills to her work at Arthur Edward, where she helps to keep our extensive database fully updated and running like clockwork.

Apoorva grew up in Reading, moving to London for university, where she studied Asian and African History at The School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS).

Her fascination with the cosmetics industry started early. As a teenager, Apoorva began researching the variety and authenticity of cruelty free claims made by beauty and skincare brands. Her findings inspired her to delve deeper into the ethos of brands, and to seek out those that champion sustainability.

An enormous fan of REN and Glossier, Apoorva admires brands and influencers that embrace beauty in all its diversity, rather that reflecting an Instagram beauty standard. She uses her knowledge and research to make conscious choices when selecting beauty and personal care products.