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At Arthur Edward we are dedicated to helping you find your dream job, so we’ve prepared some interview tips that will get you ready to impress your new employer.

An interview should be a pleasure not a chore for both parties. It should be a time for you to find out more about the company and the role you have applied for, and for the interviewer to find out about you and your suitability both for the company and the role.

You should always be yourself, but make sure it’s the very best version of you and don’t let your personal standards slip. Remember that you have full control over what you say or do not say in an interview, so make sure you mention all the points you want to cover.

Listen very carefully and keep your answers on track. Do not waffle or wander from the subject of the question. Try to support information with relevant examples. It is not enough to say “I am confident”, you need to illustrate an example that proves you behave with confidence.

As a global recruitment agency, it’s often impractical for employers to meet potential candidates in person. For these roles, we’ve supported people as they work through the full recruitment process remotely, using tech like Skype and FaceTime. If you want to know more, here’s our advice on How to Master the Video Interview

The single most important thing is to prepare well.


Below are our Top 10 Interview Tips to help you succeed in your next job interview.

Fail to prepare? prepare to fail

Don’t just turn up; do your research, look on the web and in store at product, brand and competitors, prepare some questions, write them down in a list and tick them off as, and when, they get answered during the course of the interview.

Time keeping

If you are too early or late this creates a terrible first impression. This is an important meeting, so put some effort into it. Ideally arrive 10 minutes early and if you are running late, call.

Who, What, Where, When

Double check the address, time and names. Take them with you on the day, along with a contact number. Be polite and courteous to the receptionist and anyone else you meet, as they may all be asked for feedback.

Brag Pack

Take a copy of your CV and any information or materials from your ‘Brag Pack’ that highlight your skills and you want to show the interviewer. Also always take paper, pen and a calculator, some tissues and a bottle of water.

If you were asked to prepare a presentation, make sure you are well prepared and practiced and can complete it within the time allowed. 

The Morning After

Make sure you have a light meal, no highly spiced or garlic-laden foods and no alcohol the night before or on the day of the interview. Get a good night’s sleep so you are fresh and sharp. If you are offered a drink, take water, tea or coffee. Do not accept alcohol or cigarettes as this may give the wrong impression and you might relax too much.

Handbags and Glad Rags

Smart business dress does not always mean a suit these days. Do some research and try to find out what is the norm for that company. Whatever you wear, make sure it looks well cared for and smart but comfortable. Make sure you are spotlessly clean and tidy, especially fingernails and hair. Don’t wear too much aftershave or fragrance.Brush your teeth, wear moderate make up and understated jewellery, nothing that could offend.


Your handshake matters. A limp one appears weak and disinterested, too firm and enthusiastic appears insincere and aggressive. It must be firm and confident, practice to get it right.

Eye Contact

Be positive and confident throughout the interview, smile and maintain eye contact. In group interviews do not exclude anyone, even if they do not ask any questions, address everyone and make eye contact with everyone.

Flattery and Egos

Even if you are unsure about the company and the position, appear keen and interested as well as focused about the direction of your career. Match the interviewer’s style and body language and get them talking about themselves and the business.


An interview is a sales pitch, and you are the product. So don’t forget to sell yourself and close the sale. Don’t leave questions unanswered and ask if they have any concerns about your ability to fit in and do the job. Round up the interview at the end by saying that you are keen, thank them for their time and clarify what happens next. 

If you require further interview tips and advice, contact us. Our team of recruitment specialists will be happy to help make your next career move.

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