Video interviewing is seen by some as a tool for the early recruitment stages, but we know it’s so much more. Technical companies have recruited and worked remotely for many years, and other industries are fast catching up.

The Arthur Edward team recruits globally, often for roles where it’s impractical for employers to meet potential candidates in person. For these roles, we’ve supported both companies and candidates as they work through the full recruitment process remotely, using tech like Skype and FaceTime.

Here are our tips to help you get the most from a video interview

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Tips for the Interviewer

As with any interview, help to ease the candidate’s nerves by spending a few minutes getting to know each other. The Arthur Edward team can provide guidance on interview techniques and sample questions if needed.

It can be difficult to compare candidates if you haven’t met them in person. Make a script or list of questions for yourself and follow it in every interview so you can assess their relative strengths when you make your selection.

Tips for the Candidate

  • Get ready ahead of time so you can iron out any technical glitches. If video interviews are new to you, have a conversation with a friend first using the same or similar technology.
  • Set-up in a bright, comfortable spot without visual distractions in the background. Adjust the camera to show a good head and shoulders shot, setting the volume and brightness. You need to give your full attention to the interview without worrying about the tech.
  • Have any reference documents within easy reach so you’re not fumbling when you need them. Open any documents or browsers you may need ahead of the call.
  • Dress for a face to face interview. First impressions matter as much online as they do in person.
  • Be yourself and ignore the technology. The interviewer wants to get to know you, so take your time and speak clearly and naturally, as you would in person.

Prepare for Tech Challenges

Watch out for time zones or technical issues that can cause delays or patchy reception. This can make the conversation feel stilted. Don’t panic if there are brief pauses in conversation because of this. Take your time, wait for each other to finish speaking, and ensure it’s a two-way conversation.

Have a fallback contact number in case the tech fails. If it does, keep calm and call the number. After the initial video introduction has been made, you may both feel comfortable to continue by phone.

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