Annual Review Faux Pas

Annual Review Faux Pas -10 Things NOT to say at a Review -Heidi Bannister

January is a time when many people have their annual review so here is a list to help you keep your job and maybe even get that promotion.
Many companies do 360 reviews, which gives you a chance to review your line managers and bosses and can be a very constructive exercise for everyone but remember, this is a time to keep your guard up.
In many companies you will be given time to prepare for your review, you might even be given things to consider or questions to answer beforehand. Make sure you spend time thinking and preparing for the meeting, it’s a time to be engaged and discuss your future.
Remember who pays your salary, who you need to impress and keep your cool, you should be allowed to digest any information and come back with your feedback at a later date. Just breath, take your time and think before you speak, especially if you tend to be hot headed.

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