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Make Your Commute Count

At times just getting to work and back can feel like a job in itself. Arthur Edward HQ is in London’s Covent Garden, a lively and bustling destination for tourists and commuters, so we know the feeling well. But however tough your commute is, it could be a whole lot worse. According to Insider.com, an average commute in Lagos can take up to three hours – and that’s each way!

make your commute count,

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As specialist recruiters in the cosmetic, beauty and personal care industry, many Arthur Edward clients are based in and around London. This means lots of us commute by train, tube or bus. An upside of this (and there aren’t many) is that we can read, listen or watch our screens in transit.

Productivity Tips for Your Commute

Productivity experts suggest using this time to prepare for the work day ahead:

  • Prep for meetings. Think of the key points you need to discuss or decide so you’re ready to start and finish your meetings on schedule
  • Sort through emails so your inbox is clearer when you finally get to your desk
  • Run through your to do list, prioritising ‘must do’ actions over ‘try to dos’ ones
  • Think about any tough or difficult topics, capturing ideas and inspiration on your phone or notepad. This non-work environment encourages free thinking and problem solving

Update Your Knowledge

If you’re driving to work, you can use the time to stay informed and amused – while keeping your eyes on the road of course.

  • Catch up on podcasts. There’s a wide choice of podcasts about business and the cosmetic, beauty and personal care industry, such as:
    • Outspoken Beauty; billed as the UK’s most honest, straight talking beauty podcast. Presented by beauty journalist Nicola Bonn and beauty novice Rachel Jones, it features chat and interviews with industry insiders, celebrities, make-up artists and more.
    • The Beauty Brains; hosted by two cosmetic chemists, Perry Romanowski and Randy Schuelle. They answer fascinating technical questions like ‘Will sunscreen prevent tanning?’ and ‘Blue light protection for skin – do you need it?’.
  • Listen to an audiobook. The choice is huge so take your pick to learn something new about the industry, boost your time management skills or hear how industry experts got where they are today.

Whatever your job in the cosmetics and personal care industry, you can improve your skills and advance your prospects by using your time wisely.

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