10 Top Tips to Prepare for a Last Minute Interview


Whether you have a week, just a couple of days, or merely 24 hours before you’re going to be sat in the interview room for your dream job, you must make the most proactive use of your time to be your best, most confident and knowledgeable you.

Here are 10 tips to help you prepare…

Researching the Company

  1. List 3 points detailing why you want to work for ‘Dream Company’

…e.g. their working environment, respect as a brand, opportunity for development and career progression.

2. Visit every page on the Company website(s) and list 3 areas to compliment their website plus 3 suggestions you feel would improve it

…pay particular attention to the ‘About Us’ page, focusing on company ethics, key motivators and working environment.

3. Get Googling!

…what are the most recent press releases and media attentions that the Company has received. If there isn’t much, then it may be appropriate to question why?

Researching the Interviewer(s)

4. Visit their LinkedIn Profile

…how long have they been in their current role? Where did they work previously? Where did they study? Do you have anything in common?

5. Get Googling (again)!

…interesting articles or biographic interviews will instantly give you a good feel for your interviewers personality. Bare this in mind in terms of how you act at interview, but also pick out something to compliment the interviewer on in terms of their career.

6. Visit the ‘Employees’ page on the Company website

…great when Companies have these, but not always the case.

Researching the Role

7. Read & re-read the Job Description

…make sure you’re confident in your understanding of what the roles involves.

8. Make a list of at least 5 interesting and purposeful questions to ask the interviewer

…you can write these down in a smart looking note pad and bring them to the interview; don’t forget a pen too! This makes you look professional & well prepared.

Remind yourself why you are the ‘perfect’ person to fill the role

9. REALLY know your personality


3 words/ phrases that your current boss would use to describe your personality and working style.

3 words/ phrases that your partner/ best friend or family would use to describe your personality.

3 words/ phrases that you would use to describe your personality & working style

10. Your best achievement. Your most difficult working situation & how you overcame it.

…make sure you have an example for each.

Bonus guidance

Be prepared to positively answer… “Tell me about yourself and your career to date”

Tell me about yourself can be translated to tell me why I should employee you. They do not want your life history, but want to know why you are the very best person for this role. Relevance & clarity are key!

You have got 3 choices in life: Give up, give in or give it all you’ve got!