Activism in Fashion!

Yesterday we were invited to an exciting networking debate at the London College of Fashion, exploring fashion activism and social disruptors and the impact they have on the creative industry.

With social and political topics such as ethics and sustainability surrounding the fashion industry it was interesting to see how industry guests, members of staff and students discussed these topics collectively.

Technology and the environment were topics that were widely discussed, with many brands now using technology to advance their techniques in sustainability; such as creating garments out of recycled waste from the plastics in our oceans.

The panel also went on to talk about how we could use technology to become more human, continuing to explain the connection between technology and imagination, using technological advances to reach more people however still having human elements to consumerism and design such as practical workshops.

This comes from the want for practical creative disciplines to be brought back, such as soldering in jewellery design that was an almost forgotten craft.

These topics were so vast, but it was exciting to see students taking part in the debate, asking questions and challenging the panel about issues surrounding artificial intelligence and sustainability.

It was such a pleasure to be invited to this interactive event and hear all the opinions and debate in the fashion industry, a massive thank you to London College of Fashion!