Getting The Best Results From Your Recruitment Agency


Questions your Cosmetics Recruitment Agency should ALWAYS ask YOU… and if they don’t, then tell them!

Yes…this week’s blog is all about making sure that you get the best results from the Recruitment Consultant you’re working with.

How do you make sure they really understand YOUR PERSONALITY? YOUR EXPERIENCE and SKILLS? What’s really DRIVING YOU to make a career move? What’s YOUR END GOAL?

We have composed a list of questions…the idea is for candidates like YOU to use them as a checklist when chatting to a Recruiter for the first time. If the Recruiter doesn’t ask the question, then let them know. Think of Recruiters as ‘Matchmakers’, they need to really understand you in order to match you with the most suitable job with the most appropriate company. And if the opportunities aren’t right, they should be open about that. There is absolutely no point in rushing into a new job which isn’t a positive move for you.

“Why are you interested in new career opportunities?”

  1. Your experience and skills gained to date. Not just your most recent job, but how you have got to that position in your career.
  2. How you feel about your career to date?
  3. What do you like/dislike about your current position?
  4. What would your ideal next role be…i.e. industry, type & size of Company and role responsibilities?
  5. What kind of working environment do you thrive in? What makes you tick…e.g. do you like working autonomously, in a team or a mix of the two?
  6. How important is career progression to you? Short & long term career ambitions?
  7. Personal ambitions? These will most often be made possible thanks to the financial gain from working hard.
  8. Your personality. Within what sort of working environment and with what types of colleagues/bosses do you best click with? This is so important in order for you to be matched with the right company in the right role, and to thrive on the opportunity.
  9. How important are each of these factors to you, and what will make or break your decision to accept a role?
  • Base salary
  • Bonus/commission opportunity
  • Private healthcare
  • Pension contribution
  • Flexibility of working hours
  • Number of holidays
  • Commute to work

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