Hemp Beauty


The rise of natural alternatives in beauty.

More of the population are moving toward natural alternatives for cosmetic and medical solutions,

The rise in countries loosening their laws surrounding cannabis has kickstarted industries looking into more ways this plant can be implemented into our day-to-day lives, this includes medicine and cosmetics as well as textiles and construction.

Hemp, the sober fibre of cannabis has been cultivated for thousands of years as a sustainable crop, people have utilised, making clothes and other materials from the plant’s fibres. The sustainability of this crop is due to the plant (being a weed) starving any competing plants for nutrients and growing at an alarming rate, meaning there is no need for chemicals herbicides. Hemp also returns 60-70% of nutrients taken back into the soil.

Although Hemp has been known about for centuries the plant has a bad reputation, being connected to Cannabis and thus associated with drugs and hippy fandom.

However, all of this is changing; with the world going green and more companies catching on to the trend, being sustainable is in fashion this 2019.

So, apart from being an eco-friendly plant, what can Hemp do for our skin?

Hemp seed oil, or just Hemp oil is harvested by cold pressing the Hemp seed, this oil contains no THC (the stuff that gets you high) and apparently has amazing skin care benefits that we should know about!

This oil is said to moderate oil production in the skin, meaning it can be used as a moisturiser by most skin types without clogging the pores.

Hemp oil also contains an Omega 6 fatty-acid known as gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), this is an anti-inflammatory helping to reduce redness and irritation in the skin.

This wonder oil also contains anti-aging properties, as it contains linolenic and oleic acids, these play a vital role in skin health and repair and can’t be produced by the body.

If you want to implement this incredible natural beauty solution into your routine, then here are some products to look out for and try.

The Body Shop has an entire affordable range dedicated to this Hemp craze, with products aimed to moisturise and regenerate the skin from face and body to hands, nails and feet. Products include hemp hand protector cream, body butter infused with hemp oil and a heavy-duty hemp face protection cream. Prices in this range start from £4.20, making this an inexpensive way to get involved with this new craze.

Unsurprisingly Lush is the next brand to go to if you want to try Hemp oil, infusing it into their Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze pre-wash hair treatment, designed to strengthen damaged hair adding body and shine with all-natural ingredients and as always in eco-friendly packaging.

Other brands have started catching on to the benefits of Hemp cosmetics, Milk Makeup released the Kush Mascara ($24) and Kush fibre brow gel ($18), infused with hemp oil and all vegan ingredients to give a high volume look to lashes and a fuller look to brows.