My Lightbulb Moment

I have been obsessed with cosmetics for as long as I can remember…

My mum was an Avon lady and every week we would receive a delivery of brightly packaged products which I couldn’t wait to unwrap! Whilst at school, I worked as a Saturday Girl in a local salon and can remember being amazed with the transformations and just how good customers felt when they saw the finished look in the mirror. On reflection, I guess there was never going to be another career for me.

I spent my first 20 years in the industry working within product development…sourcing, buying and creating brands, a real mix of sales and marketing for both contract manufacturers and brands, which gave me a real insight into the entire lifecycle and manufacture of a product.

My move to headhunting and recruitment came when I found myself at a trade fair with a 5 day old baby wondering how on earth I was going to fit this little creature into my hectic work schedule of international distributor visits and daylong NPD brainstorming meetings?

I decided what I needed was a role where I could be in the office more than travelling, so I took a job in a recruitment company. Although I enjoyed the whole process of recruitment… helping people to find a life changing role and building company teams…I missed the excitement and evolution of product.

My Light Bulb moment came to me…as so many good ideas do…when in the shower. There is something about hot running water and luxurious shower gel! I realised that if I combined my 4 years recruitment experience with 20 years industry experience, I could offer the best of my knowledge and skills and have a really rewarding career in an industry that I love.

There were no head hunters specialising in the cosmetic industry, so I took the decision to set up my own company…Arthur Edward was born.That was 13 years ago and I am still a complete product junkie and as passionate about our incredible industry and the fast moving technology that drives it, as I have always been.

What I love about recruitment is helping people. It is so satisfying to really get under the skin of a company, establishing their DNA and the profile of people who perform best within that business. Then setting off on the challenge to find those people and bringing them together.

It is incredibly rewarding to watch the companies and individuals prosper and grow and feel that you have really made a difference to their lives.