NIP & FAB Dragon's Blood Fix Extreme Plumping Mask


love sheet masks full stop. Who doesn’t? It seems like they’ve just
become all the rage, where have they been all this time! I’m traveling
at the moment which makes
them the perfect accompanist to take along with me.

first face mask I’ve tried since being in Australia was the Nip + Fab
Dragons blood fix hydration mask. For £7.50 the mask claims to hydrate –
due to the Hyaluronic Acid and sooth and plump the skin. Perfect! Just what I need.

I opened the packet it just looked like any other face mask, a white
sheet… but after reading the instructions I realised this wasn’t the
case. You put the
face mask on and then pull off a protective cover leaving a thin clear
sheet on your face. I thought this was great as I didn’t feel like it
was heavy on my face (and I definitely think you wouldn’t get as many
strange looks if you were using it on the aeroplane!)
Once I let the mask sit on my face for a couple of minutes, I started to
feel a cooling effect which I wasn’t expecting, but did quite enjoy.
Don’t you just love it when you can actually feel the product
doing something or is that just me? The only downfall
of the mask is the fit, I really just didn’t find it wide enough for my
face. Length wise, it’s was actually too long – but I’d rather that than
being too short, so no real problem there, it just didn’t stretch
across my whole face which was a little bit annoying.

terms of after effect, my skin did look really dewy and glowy, I
guess you could say more plump. (Excuse the face I’m pulling , just
thought you could clearly
see how my skin looked after In this photo!)


sheet masks are a great little number to add to your skin care routine,
especially when you want to treat and pamper yourself that little bit
extra and I think
the Nip + Fab Dragon Blood mask is a great one to try! Really the one
thing that makes it so great is how weightless it feels on your skin, no
sliding off your face and dripping down your neck, it just stays where
it’s meant to!

If you try it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!