Pure Beauty January/February 2018


Here are the main points that we should take from this month’s Pure Beauty Magazine including the biggest news from the industry in the UK and from around the world, a list of 30 of the hottest new launches. Including a brief description of which products caught my eye and the 5 golden rules article.

This month in the News to Know, the top stories in Britain are:

Superdrug are opening a whole floor dedicated to beauty services. This will be happening in the Leicester store in Fosse Park. They will have a barber shop, hair salon and a nail salon, as well as offering waxing treatments, spray tans and piercings which will all be performed by fully trained therapists. The hair salon is offering styling, cuts and colours starting from £15 and are performed by TIGI trained stylists.

Indulge! The new Multi-Brand store which has been set up by Sanjay Vadera the CEO of The Fragrance Shop and has been quoted as the “British Sephora”. The first store opened in Westfield, Stratford and they are already looking at opening 8 more stores nationwide. They have boosted exclusive deals with brands previously only found in the US, Korea and Salons.


Look Fabulous Forever (LFF) have revamped the brand to celebrate aging. They have revealed new product packaging, names and a newly designed website which has been programmed to allow shoppers to search for products by specific concerns, such as “my eyelids look creepy”. They have also unveiled a new campaign which features un-airbrushed “real women” aged from 51 to 89.

In the US this month everyone is talking Uber Eats. NYX have partnered with uber eats to deliver their new Love You So Mochi collection to consumers in LA. Anyone that uses the food delivery service app can order the makeup palette for free.


The US are also talking about Ariana Grande and her perfume range. The 24-year-old popstar has been working with Luxe Brands since 2015 to develop her fragrances. The fragrances are now worth over $150m in retail sales worldwide.

Over in the United Arab Emirates they are talking about beauty blogger Huda Kattan and her Huda Beauty brand. TSG Consumer Partners has acquired a minority stake in the renowned beauty brand. Besides developing the cult beauty brand, the investment will also support the launch of HB Investments, a seed fund for new health and beauty businesses.


30 hottest new launches

The 30 hottest launches this month vary from colour cosmetics, eye palettes and lipsticks to personal care products, anti-perspirants and shower mousses. There is a range of mass and high-end products with prices from £3 – £130. With lots of different brands including Bioderma, Prada, Radox, Dove and YSL.

The products that really caught my eye:

One product that caught my eye was the H&M’s latest collection of nail polishes. With three new tones, Barely Peach, Butterflies and Hidden Depths, they are said to provide a high gloss finish. This product caught my eye as the H&M beauty range only launched a couple of months ago. It must be selling well if they are launching new products already!!


Another product that caught my eye was the Lipstick Queen Dating Game collection. The range offers 4 different shades of pink lipsticks. They have a creamy formula and are designed to provide a medium coverage all containing shea butter and vitamin E. The colours in the range are: Good Catch, a warm rosy pink with a blush finish; Mr Right, a vibrant pink with a hint of coral; Mr Right Now, a bold magenta with blue undertones and Bad Boy, a vibrant berry and fuchsia hue. This product caught my eye because the vibrant colours of both the actual lipstick and the packaging stood out over all the other products.



5 Golden Rules of Career Development.

Rule 1: Be Positive – Being Positive is key! The one thing that people remember you by most is your attitude. Being optimistic in the work place can be a huge influence and confidence boost not just for you but for all those around you. Your colleagues will appreciate the up beat mood and are likely to start being more positive themselves. You may find it helps to relieve stress and improve your work in high pressured situations.

Rule 2: Ask for help – This is something that a lot of people try to avoid as they feel it shows weakness and that they are incapable. This often leave them feeling under pressure, overworked and they make easily avoidable mistakes. Asking questions is imperative for you to grow in the work place. Your colleagues will appreciate the honesty more than having mistakes that need to be sorted and there’s a chance one of your other colleagues might not know so they will learn from your bravery.

Rule 3: Show Respect – This is arguably the most important rule. Showing respect to your colleagues will help build and maintain positive and productive workplace relationships. If you have a difficult colleague, it is important to put personal feelings aside and work with them in a respectful manner. This will make work life a lot easier and other members of the team will learn from your behaviour.

Rule 4: Set Goals – Making a list of achievable goals is a great way to stay motivated and stay focused. This will give you something to work towards, whether it be a promotion or just to master a new skill. Putting them on paper and ticking them off when you achieve them will help you to show that you are improving at work and inspire others to do the same.

Rule 5: Look after yourself – Although having a good work ethic is great, it won’t do you any good if you don’t look after yourself. Everyone needs a little “me time” to just relax. Keeping email checking to a minimum and getting a good night’s sleep is key for productivity levels. Especially if you have a long to-do list.