Pure Beauty November 2016 – Party All Night


Pure Beauty November 2016
Party All Night
Joe Bannister

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner what are the best looks for your eyes, hair and nails to keep you on trend?

For your eyes, if you are looking for that classic party look, you can’t go wrong with your usual black eyeliner. The Art Collective at Illamasqua, Charlotte Savoury, suggests buffing a fine layer of gel liner over the lid using a blending brush and winging out the liner. This creates more of a feline shape. If you make any mistakes or just want to sharpen the look, get a cotton bud and dip it in your make-up remover and rub over the areas you want to fix.

If you’re looking for something a little more daring, Savoury suggests that you add Christmassy berry by buffing burgundy shades over the lid and highlighting the brow bone with a glittery pigment. If you invest in a bright palette of eyeshadows, this will give you plenty of options over for your nights out. You can use a different shade every night, pick your favourite or even blend a few shades together for a unique look.

Smokey eyes are another classic night out must have, even if you only do it once. Savoury suggests pressing a dark shade over eyeliner before buffing outwards across the lid. If you highlight under the brow bone and the inner corners of the eye by pressing lighter shades over these areas. A tip, for making the look a bit more up-to-date and add some festive sparkle, is to press Illamasqua’s pure pigment over the lid for intense, shimmering evening eyes. I’d suggest the charcoal black shade for the best finish.

For a more dramatic look, apply a gel liner in a dark emerald/greeny blue across the whole of the lid. Then buff it out in circular motions for a rounded eye shape. Then Embellish both sides of the lid with a dark powder eyeshadow. Then press a lighter, shimmering shade through the centre of the lid. To finish the look, use a fine brush to line the lid with a gel liner and apply some false eyelashes for a bold, dramatic effect.

For your hair, Zoe Irwin explains how to achieve that slick but natural look. This look works best on super long, un-layered hair with blunt ends that has been gently blown so it’s nice and light.

You will need to start by prep damp your hair with a spritz of heat protector before drying your hair. Dry it in sections and do it slowly, this will add shine to the hair. Once dry, separate the hair into sections again before running over it with straighteners. Finish off the look by putting a spritz of shine spray on a paddle brush and gently pull it through the hair. This will add a glossy finish and get rid of any flyaways.

If you want a little more texture, a fifties inspired curl can add movement and texture without too much fuss. This style will be used by many as it was showcased at the AW16 show. Start by sectioning off dry hair and applying a curl-holding spray. Then using a curling tong, start wrapping sections of the hair in the clips and holding for 5 – 8 seconds. Do this until all the hair is curled, make sure you work in the same direction away from the face. After all the hair has been curled dress them out with an oval dressing brush and then mist some hairspray over the style to lock it in place.

Long bobs are really in trend at the moment, “the perfect bob is really cool, has soft movement with an undone texture” says Zoe. Start by spraying volumising across your hair before wrapping it round a curling wand. If you alternate the direction of the wand it will give the waves a cool, beachy look. It also gives the hair more volume and texture and makes it look less polished. To finish the look, use a detangling comb to loosen the waves before rubbing the ends for an effortless finish.

For nails this party season, glitzy is the new big thing. Inspired by the 1920’s the glitzy look will definitely get you noticed. Start by smoothing out any ridges in the nails surface by applying a base coat. Then apply two thin coats of your chosen shade and tidy any errors. With a glossy top coat, you can achieve the gel nail look without the hassle of a UV lamp. If, like most people are, you’re super busy and just looking for a quick fix. Leighton Denny’s Miracle Drops will help to dry the polish quicker.

To make life easier at the end of the night, try to use a peelable base coat. This will make it much easier to remove especially as glittery polishes are quite tough to remove.