Pure Beauty September 2017


Septembers edition of Pure Beauty is dedicated to the “Pure Beauty Awards”, This year is the 16th awards show. This year the awards will be presented by BBC Radio 1 presenter, author and fashionista Gemma Cairney on the 26th October at the Savoy Hotel. This year’s categories include best new skincare treatment, best new face mask, best new organic product and many more.



Products that intrigue me:

Bio Essence – 24k Bio-Gold Gold Water

This product caught my eye as it isn’t something I had ever seen before. Not having used the product myself I took to the internet to have a look at what I could find on the product. I found that a lot of different e-tailors had the product at a variety of prices, the best being just over £10 up to just over £40. All the reviews I read through all said that the product felt silky smooth when applied to the skin and didn’t leave a greasy feeling. I’m very excited to see how the product does at the awards.


7th Heaven – Charcoal Peel-Off

7th Heaven’s Charcoal Peel-Off mask is intriguing to me because I was lucky enough to have a long discussion with different members of their team while attending Cosmoprof 2017 in Bologna. I was also lucky enough to get my hands on a sample of this product so me and some of my colleagues got to test it out. I really like the packaging for the peel-off range as each packet has a slightly different design to match the mask within it. The product itself is easy to use and very affective when cleaning out your pours.


Sleek Makeup – Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette

This product came to my attention as I hear lots of people talking about Sleek Makeup products and as soon as I mentioned it one of my colleagues shouted out saying what an amazing product it is. I went on to do a bit more digging on google and found that most people agreed with my colleague, saying that the shades were amazing and that you got your money’s worth.


Hugo – Iced Eau De Toilette

The Hugo Iced fragrance caught my eye as I am a huge fan of the Hugo Boss Fragrances. The Iced Fragrance in particular is very cool and refreshing giving off the smell of iced fresh mint. The price coming in at between £30 to abound £45 depending on the size you buy, I feel that it’s not too bad. Again, I’m very excited to see how it does at the awards.