I’ve been wanting to try out MAC’s very own strobe cream for a while but never really gravitated towards the product too much, so I decided to purchase the smaller ‘travel sized’ cream for just £12.00 and immediately fell in love with it. I find myself reaching for this item more often than not.

I thought my skin would feel thick after using it however I couldn’t have been more wrong. The cream was silky and sooo smooth, it melts into the skin instantly and really does quite literally turn up the glow on those cheekbones, brows and the rest of the skin although if you are prone to an oily T zone which the majority of us are, then I would not recommend smothering this onto your forehead or chin (I made this mistake already and it was not too pretty.)

As mentioned, the consistency of MAC Strobe Cream is very smooth and silky and applies with ease and works well with just using your fingers for application, so no brushes are needed, the warmth of your fingertips is enough to work the product into the face.

One thing I particularly enjoy with the MAC strobe cream is that it doesn’t have an intense perfume to it but instead is complimented by a soft touch of freshness but nothing too over powering which leaves you feeling light and rejuvenated before applying your makeup.

No makeup day? No problem, the strobe cream can be used by itself to give a natural youthful dew to the skin and who wouldn’t want that?

I’m very brutally honest when it comes to weighing out the pros and cons of a product and my friends and I often recommend different creams and makeup brands to one another and I can definitely say this strobe cream is just gold in a bottle.

The packaging is very simple as is most of MAC’s items are which I do love, its sleek and simple but yet professional and sophisticated. The travel size strobe cream is perfect and has lasted me months already with only half the product used. I’m looking forward to purchasing another strobe cream and potentially changing the tone I buy as there are a few different ‘shades.’

Strobe Cream: Worth a try?

I would suggest giving MAC’s strobe cream a crack. The iridescent glow seemed to last on my cheek bones all day from pressing it into my skin in the early hours of the morning to cleansing my face in the late evening just by using a tiny amount of product.

For 30ml of glow you pay £12.00 which is not bad considering how long it lasts for, regardless of the cost, feeling youthful, fresh and vitalised doesn’t come with a price tag. So, you guessed it… it’s a BIG yes from me for MAC’s strobe cream.