Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter

When someone in our office tries a new makeup product, everyone wants to hear about it!

So, when Georgina tried the Becca Champagne pop highlighter in collaboration with beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill, after a friend recommended it, she was keen to tell me how good it is. After testing out the product Georgina decided it was worth buying even though it is a bit pricey at £30 from Cult beauty.


She went on to tell me her initial thoughts on the packaging, ‘It’s quite different, it didn’t look high end but feels sturdy I like how simple the design is, however it’s not that appealing considering the price; it has no scent which I like’

The product itself Georgina says is incredible, ‘it doesn’t sit on top of the skin like other makeup does and it’s not chunky or full of glitter, it just melts into my skin and looks really natural, but I can build it for more impact.’

After using the highlighter for a year and a half Georgina has nearly finished it, she says its ‘good value for money I use it nearly every day and I have had it for so long so lasts well, a little goes a long way. Easy to use doesn’t look too chunky.’

She went on to say it ‘lasts well throughout the day and doesn’t fade or go patchy, I would recommend this highlight as it’s so versatile and easy to use’.


You can buy the Becca highlighters from full size for £30