Recruitment Agency Expo


This week we were lucky enough to go to the recruitment agency expo in Olympia London to find out about up coming trends within the recruitment industry.


While we were there, we listened to an interesting talk on Business strategy from Apsco a company dedicated to giving specialist support across the recruitment industry, in which we learnt more about how to judge the job market and out smart the competition. This included implementing war time strategy into business such as ‘game theory’ to predict the job market and implement a strategy accordingly.


The Apsco talk also suggested working along side the competition to create a better more profitable future, stating that if we cooperate and competition are important together, coining the phrase ‘coopertittion’

The expo also showcased many new companies using new technologies and artificial intelligence to find alternative and helpful ways to evolve the recruitment industry. This included online marketplace services designed to help employers find the right recruitment agencies and specialists.

It seems there is a lot changing and evolving in the recruitment industry with more modern approaches. There was some talk of the uncertainty of Brexit and how this would affect recruitment however the job market appears to be doing well, it was concluded that we have in uncertain but exciting times ahead!