CEW Product Demo Night 2017


On 21st
February 2017 I got to experience a night of innovation, glamour and

I was lucky
enough to get a ticket for the CEW Product Demonstration Evening, and I cant
wait for next year’s already!

I wasn’t
too sure what to expect however I wasn’t disappointed. As I entered the large
hall there were rows and rows of tables with the latest beauty products. All
the products were arranged under their nominated category.

I was in my
element. I got to snoop around and see the products that were nominated for
titles such as, best new makeup products for eyes and skin, the best new men’s
grooming products, the best new skincare product, the best brand and so on.

At the back
of the hall was a pampering area where Benefit were at hand to pluck, shape and
tame our brows whilst we swanned around sipping on Prosecco. My hands were
covered in the latest serums, eyebrow kits and my ears were ringing with
information on new and exciting recipes like hair cocktails that promised to
quench the thirst of my dry locks.

Like all
parties, the best ones send you home with a goody bag. Well, this goody bag was
more like a dream come true, plus more. It was suggested by my Manager to take
a small wheelie suitcase with me to help carry my goodies home with me. When I
showed up and no one else had a case with them, my skin turned the colour of a
wonderful Dior rouge lipstick, especially when security asked to look in my

62 products
later I was very happy that I had this case with me. I giggled secretly whilst
watching my fellow beauty lovers drag their bags out and across the pavements
to the train station.

The bag was
full of products courtesy of the brands wanting to showcase their latest
products. In return for our gifts they ask we vote on the CEW website for our
favourite products/brand under each specific category.

A big thank
you to CEW and good luck to all the brands who have been nominated for the 2017
CEW Beauty Awards.