Oh K! Bubble Mask Review

Following my trip around Selfridges Beauty Hall and
discovering how popular Korean Face Masks are at the moment, I put my hand up
to be guinea pig in the Arthur Edward office to try out the Oh K! Bubble
Mask…it’s a hard life!

The bubble mask is designed to exfoliate and cleanse and
the foaming bubbles work to exfoliate dead skin cells to leave skin feeling
awakened and fresh.

The mask advertises that it is the latest innovation in
Korean beauty, with revolutionary skin care technology which causes the sheet
mask to foam, for an all new level of exfoliation and skin cell replenishment.

After seeing it would only take 10 minutes of my time, I
got ready to try it out!

Before opening the packet, it advises you to gently and
evenly distribute all the liquid within the packaging and when opened you
unfold the face mask where there are eye, nose and mouth holes so you can’t go
wrong. Once placed on the face, the mask somehow stays in place and the unique
formula starts to create a foam as soon as it makes contact with your skin and
begins to bubble up!

I wondered how a foam would be exfoliating as it is
doesn’t contain typical agents such as salt, however this mask uses the bubbles
to lift the dead skin cells off the skin…which also lifts out dirt and cleanses
as it does so…this is all without using abrasives which is good news for my
sometimes sensitive skin!

The bubbles react on both sides of the mask so there is
an element of looking slightly like a cloud as the bubbles start to work…a look
my other half wasn’t too sure on! However, after 10 minutes of gentle foaming,
I rinsed my face with warm water and my skin felt extremely soft and clean.

At £6 a pop it’s amazing value and I would definitely
recommend this mask to anyone who doesn’t like the idea of always using salt
scrubs on their face. It’s a great gentle alternative to exfoliate your
skin…and although you may get some funny looks when wearing it, it’s a great
product which left my skin looking and feeling fresh and clean!