Orgario Hair mask

This week I tried the Orgario hair mask with lavender and sage to try and save my breaking damaged hair.

I have tried a few hair masks before however I have never found one that I feel made a huge difference to the quality of my hair.

My hair, for the most part has always been in pretty good condition, however over the past year I have had highlights and I have been guilty of over straightening my hair; leaving me with a fair amount of breakage and dry ends.



So, I was excited to try a new mask with natural ingredients in the hopes it could restore my hair to its former health. My hair has always been very fine, naturally light brown and not the thickest however there is a lot of it.

I have found with hair masks in the past that they weigh my hair down, and after a couple of days my hair feels like it needs washing again. However, with the Orgario mask I was surprised that this wasn’t the case!

After washing my hair with my regular shampoo and conditioner then towel drying, I decided to give this mask a go.

The masks texture is the first thing I noticed, most hair masks generally tend to feel like a thick conditioner; however, this felt more like a clay consistency which I found really interesting. I also noticed the mask had quite a strong scent of citrus which left my hair smelling really fresh and clean.

I left the mask on my hair for about 15 minutes, the instructions only say to leave it on for five, but I was in a pampering mood and wanted all the benefits!

After washing the mask out, I noticed that my hair was extremely soft, which I wasn’t sure if it would be due to the cay consistency of the product. I found my hair was also a lot easier to combe through (usually as my hair is so fine it tangles really easily especially when damp).

The next day I did notice that my hair didn’t feel at all heavy or greasy from the mask which I was really pleased about!

I think I would have to try this mask again in order to see if it really helps the breakage, I have from heat damage however just from a first impression I really liked this product!