Pure Beauty July 2016


Here are the main points that we should take from this month’s Pure Beauty Magazine:

What’s new in skin care?

1.Frances Prescott – Tri Balm

2.Pacific Coconut – Probiotic Water Rehab Cream

3.Erborian – Black Charcoal Cleansing Oil

4.Elemis – Anti-Aging Cream with SPF 30

Editor’s pick: Pacifica – Micellar Cleansing Tonics

What’s new in fragrance?

1.David Beckham – Made Of Instinct

2.Avon – Viva La Vita

3.Jean Paul – Gaultier

4.YSL – Beaute

Editor’s pick: Boss Bottled – Tonic

What’s new in make-up?

1.Lipstick Queen – Morning Sunshine

2.Max Factor – New Bronzer

3.Nip & Fab – Foundation

4.H&M – Limited Edition Colour Corrective Palette

Editor’s pick: Bobbi Brown – Pretty Powerful III Pot Rouge

What’s new in hair care?

1.Lee Stafford – Sea Salt Collection

2.Philip Kingsley – Sun Range

3.Batiste – 2 in 1 Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner

4.GHD – Wanderlust Collection

Editor’s pick: Lable.M – Fashion Edition Wax Spray

What’s new in body care?

1.Femfresh – Post Shave Balm & 2 in 1 Shower & Shave Cream

2.Kiss The Moon – Love Night Cream For Hands

3.Below The Belt Grooming For Men – Sports Lubricant

4.Voesh – Pedi In A Box

Editor’s pick: Dove – Baby Dove

How to: Get a Hollywood Smile

Step 1: Electric Brush – Oral-B’s Smile Director Dr Uchenna Okoye advises people to brush their teeth with an electric toothbrush to keep strains at bay. She recommends the Oral-B Genius 9000, it has a special whitening head with a cup in the middle that is like a hygienist brush. However, any electric tooth brush will work well.

Step 2: Clean and Polish – Dental Expert David Cocker says that rough surfaces encourage the build up of stains and plaque. He suggests removing the plaque before it has a chance to dry. His advice is to use the Rapid White Pro Clean & Polish System weekly to help achieve visibly whiter teeth and remove more plaque and stains than the electric toothbrush can do alone.

Step 3: Eat Whiter Than White – Both Dr Okoye and Cocker advise people to implement a whiter than white diet. This means avoiding dark coloured foods and drinks such as red wine, coffee, cola and curry. Try to avoid anything that would stain a white t-shirt. Meanwhile eating crunchy fruit and veg like apples, celery and broccoli will actively help clean and protect the teeth.

Step 4: Use a 2-Step system – To keep the mouth healthy and teeth whiter Dr Okoye suggests rinsing the mouth with water straight after eating. He also suggests using a 2 step whitening treatment. First brush your teeth with Oral-B 3D white Luxe Perfection toothpaste for up to 100% surface stain removal in just 3 days. Then brush them again with Oral-B 3D White Luxe Whitening Accelerator for extra whitening and 24 hour stain protection.

Step 5: Add Some Lippie – The final step is to choose the right shade of lipstick. Dr Okoye suggests applying a blue-based one such as palm colour. This will counteract any yellowness in the teeth. MDMflow’s Vamp Lipstick is a good example because it is a deep palm shade with a semi-matte finish.