The Apprentice: Guilty Pleasure


Lord Sugar certainly does not suffer fools but he will always give someone a chance. Obviously we all know its television and hours and hours of footage will be edited down for entertainment purposes and not necessarily give a true insight into a task or the personality.

However what seems to shine out week after week is how important it is to be noticed and this applies to real life as well, both in the workplace, at reviews and at interview.

It might seem easier for a sales person to be able to blow their own trumpet than a chemist who is used to letting their formulations do the talking, but even polished sales professionals seem to forget that they have to sell themselves at an interview.

An interview or review meeting really is no place for shrinking violets; standing back and letting someone else take all the glory will not get you the job, or keep you in one.

If you struggle with talking about your strengths just practice.

Think about your skills, how they might be of benefit to a company and think of examples to paint a picture and highlight those skills. Write it down, read it out loud alone and to others.

Then when the time comes it will roll off the tongue and you will not hear those dreaded words – You’re Fired!!