Top 25 Jobs 2019


Glassdoor has released a report revealing the top 25 jobs for 2019, using their job score system, the report looks at earning potential, job satisfaction as well as the number of job openings in the area.

According to this report, Audit Manager is in the highest-ranking spot, scoring a 4.5 out of 5 in job satisfaction and has a medium based salary of £52,000. Glassdoor also notes an increase in jobs in the technology sector with 6 jobs appearing on this list and ranking higher than in previous years.

Other jobs scoring highly on this list include, HR Manager, Engagement Manager and Data Scientist. Several of the highest-ranking jobs were positions in HR and Managerial roles.

It would seem 2019 is off to a healthy job market, we are already seeing a spike in the demand for highly skilled work. Particularly in areas surrounding technology and design.

The report suggests this is due to emerging technologies designed to grow and scale business, for example the use of artificial intelligence helping companies to grow their client base; this in turn has had an impact on the role’s employers need within the company.

These best jobs are open for people to apply this 2019, across all industries and all areas of the country!