After all the time and effort that goes into recruitment, the offer letter can feel like a formality for both employers and candidates to ‘seal the deal’. In fact, if handled badly it can derail the whole process and end up costing you dearly.

Heidi Bannister says “I advise both sides to give the same care and attention to the offer letter as they did to the interview. Candidates need to know their prospective employer will treat them with respect and consideration.”

Employers: Offer letter essentials

Forget that you know your company inside out and put yourself in the candidate’s position. They want to feel that they’re joining a company where they’ll be happy and their career will progress.

Ideally, candidates would see their contract before resigning from a current job, but most employers ask them to resign on the strength of the offer letter alone. So make them feel welcome and pre-empt all the questions they might have.

Obvious points to detail are the job title, key duties and reporting structure. We recommend companies attach a job description document and company handbook or employment policies at this stage. If they don’t have those, then the letter needs to be more comprehensive.

If the candidate is relocating or working somewhere new, include information about the area and some recommendations of estate/letting agents, schools, transport links etc.

Candidates: Get the full picture

You may love the company, the job and the salary, but you also need to be clear on holiday allowance, pension and other benefits before you sign on the dotted line.   

This is where a reputable recruitment agency will support and guide you. Let us ask any difficult or sensitive questions, and handle negotiations on your behalf. With our knowledge of the industry we know salary and package expectations and norms, and have experience and expertise in helping companies and candidates reach agreement.

Keep to commitments

At this sensitive time, we must all deliver on our promises; timeline is very important to everyone. Candidates are leaving their current jobs and need to feel secure, and companies are turning away other candidates.

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