Go Bananas for The Body Shop’s New Banana Range


banana scented normally uses isoamyl acetate, which is a chemical that is
naturally found in bananas, giving them their distinctive smell. However, it is
not necessarily reliable to assume every product with this ingredient is going
to smell like bananas.

Different concentrations of isoamyl acetate smell very differently. For
example, diluted concentrations make the product smell like pears, and is very
misleading when you are assuming the product will smell like bananas. This can
be confusing for those who can’t get down to have a whiff in the shops and only
have access to purchase the product online.

This is
where The Body Shop’s new banana range comes in. Specifically, their Banana Truly
Nourishing Conditioner – a new found love. It is enriched with deliciously
riped Community Trade organic banana puree from Ecuador or as stated on the
ingredient list – Musa Sapientium Fruit Extract/Musa Sapientum Fruit Extract,
but really, it’s just banana puree aside its fancy name.

What’s more
is that it is 100% vegetarian! Thanks to the addition of lecithin and honey (both
which are natural hair-conditioning agents). Lecithin is isolated from either
egg yolks, soya bean and plant seeds. This hair conditioning agent deeply
nourishes the hair and leaves the hair softer and shinier. Honey helps to
regulate and retain moisture in the hair alongside strengthening the hair
follicles for healthy hair growth.

So what are
you waiting for? Your search for the perfect hair conditioner that has everyone
going bananas ends here! Go bananas!