Makeup packaging almost too cute to open!



Makeup packaging that is almost too cute to open is a trend
that will never go out of style. With so many chocolate lovers out there, chocolate
bar inspired makeup is a classic in makeup packaging trends and is a timeless
piece that brands will forever recreate.

Revolution’s new launches of chocolate bar palettes have
taken a step up in the chocolate bar packaging game. Revolution have adopted a
similar packaging style for their I Heart Revolution I ♡ Chocolate eyeshadow palettes (£8.99) to Too Faced
chocolate bar eyeshadow collection (£49), but for a fraction of the price!

With the play on “new flavours” of chocolate bar, from mint
chocolate to orange flavoured chocolate, they have a wide array of selection
for every chocolate lover to choose from! As if this wasn’t exciting enough,
the I Heart Revolution I ♡ Chocolate
series have added more intricate designs onto their packaging. With the edge of
the palette mimicking a melted chocolate bar, these packaging designs are just
too cute to resist!


Makeup has advanced so much that it is not simply a beauty
product we apply anymore, rather, a collector’s item and brands seem be
shifting their focus on the customer experience. This is seen on Revolution’s
description of their chocolate bar palettes “Enjoy a luxurious moment by
unwrapping our palette to reveal 16 indulgent, creamy and bendable eyeshadow shades.

Every makeup junkie needs these decorative pieces to spice
up their vanity!