I’m unchallenged at work, but don’t know if I should look to move jobs right now. What do you advise?

Over the last year, as the pandemic developed, most businesses were forced to make rapid adjustments to their structure and strategy.

In their annual report on global commerce trends, Shopify saw 10 years of ecommerce growth in just 90 days at the pandemic’s peak in the US.

As a result of these sudden changes, uncertainty and job insecurity led many people to remain in roles that felt safe, where they might previously have looked to move on.

While there are opportunities for movement in the industry, I would advise you to consider your motivations for moving.

Be wary of jumping too soon. Further changes and redundancies are forecast, and some companies opt for the ‘last in, first out’ approach. An alternative route is seeking promotion or movement in your current organisation.

Invest in your longer term career

If you find elements of your role frustrating or limited, identify the parts that you enjoy, and those you don’t. Talk to your manager or HR team about opportunities to build on the positive aspects of the role, potentially spreading some of the other areas through the team.

Alternatively, if you’re keen to move into a new business area for your next role, ask if there is a way to gain useful experience. For example, if you’re in a retail sales role with no ecommerce experience, ask for involvement in managing an ecommerce account, to learn how they work and build your abilities.

And be proactive. If you’re missing the everyday, informal company of the workplace, set up regular team social activities online. Maybe suggest a daily 10 minute tea break, or a weekly 30 minute chat; any opportunity to speak informally with people on non-work topics.

Expand your skill set

If you decide against moving right now, look to the future and invest your time outside of work in self-development, expanding your skills and refining your career plan.

An online search will provide plenty of resources to help you develop new skills, many of them free. Google Digital Garage offers a range of free learning in digital marketing, data and tech, or career development.

The Arthur Edward Career Hub is a free, self-guided program providing information, guidance and support throughout your career. Containing 60+ articles, videos and self-assessment exercises, it helps you assess and understand your motivations, goals and ambitions; a great place to start.

And if you decide it’s time to make a move, this personal and career review will prepare you to discuss your options and aspirations with a recruitment agent or potential employer.

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