Laura Merceir translucent loose powder

Feel unique £30 29g

Georgina was telling me that she had been constantly recommended the Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder by a friend, however she was reluctant to buy it due to the cost, after trying her friends for the first time, she was hooked and said it was worth every penny!




Now Georgina has been using the powder every day to set her makeup for a year and she says she’s hooked!

‘At first it seems expensive, and you hear the hype about so many high-end products you don’t think they are all going to be worth the price, but I have had this powder for about a year and its still almost full! so it is actually good value for money.’

She went on to say she was impressed at the quality of the packaging, it feels luxury, so she felt it was worth the price she paid.

The powder itself is very fine but not dusty or scented so suits sensitive skin and doesn’t leave a cast or look powdery; Georgina loves the fact only a small amount is needed to set her makeup and give a smooth finish, she has combo skin and claims this powder keeps her makeup on and looking fresh all day.



Georgina tells me, ‘the only drawback is that because the powder is so finely milled it does go everywhere, I was doing my makeup on the train and I was COVERED in it, not a good look!’

Overall Georgina loves this product and highly recommends it, she says its ‘better than any other powder she’s tried and is worth the money!’