Biore Free Your Pores Baking Soda Scrub


Fiona was telling me about this incredible face scrub she has been trying from Biore; she started by explaining she ‘Just needed a face scrub and was in Boots and this caught my eye, it reminded me of the Dermalogica Superfoliant resurfacing powder so wanted to try it and see if it was a dupe as it’s so much cheaper!’

Fiona has oily skin so was looking for an exfoliator that would help clean her pores as well as improve the texture of her complexion.

She told me the packaging was easy to use as you just shake out the powder, ’it’s cheap so the packaging isn’t luxury just a plastic bottle, but I don’t mind that’

Fiona has tried the Dermalogica exfoliant a long time ago as she received it as a sample, I asked if she could compare them and she immediately said she ‘prefers this one (Biore), its foamier can see a difference after one use, I didn’t see that with Dermalogica’

The smell she says is ‘nice and clean like deodorant’ the texture is ‘crazy, it starts as a grainy powder like baking soda, then add water and it turns to a foamy face wash’

‘After one use my skin was so smooth’ she has now been using it 2-3 times a week for a month, she tells me it ‘maybe too strong for daily use, but I can see my pores look clearer and I would buy it again. Amazing value for money!’