Chanel’s gorgeous bronzer retails for £40.00 in the Chanel store or online and the reason I say gorgeous, is because of the products very creamy consistency. The product completely melts into the skin giving you that very popular ‘no makeup’ makeup look which leaves your skin looking very natural but also super healthy and fresh faced, so no heavy powders or ‘cake’ face.

The Chanel de soleil bronzer blends very easily and only a small amount is needed which spreads across the face and chest with ease meaning the bronzer lasts for months. Apply the bronzer just beneath your cheekbones, starting from your ears and ending in the middle of your cheek using a back and forth motion.

This Technique will give you that much desired contoured and sculpted face which seems to be one of the beauty trends of 2018.

You can also apply to the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

I probably reach for this Chanel bronzer product more than any of my other makeup items and would choose this over foundation which I never thought I’d never say a few months ago.

Whether I have bare skin or a full face of makeup I always find myself sweeping a light brush of the product across my forehead, nose and cheeks. It adds the perfect amount of warmth to the skin and has a consistency that blends into the most natural finish. If I’m not wearing other base makeup, it’s easy to forget I even have bronzer on and look as though I have just come back from the Bahamas.

With this bronzer, because of its creamy formula, I tend to use a Stippling Brush to really get into the different areas of my face such as cheekbones, perimeter of my forehead.


I’ve never quite understood how one size/colour can be described to fit all, however with the Chanel Soleil universal bronzer to my surprise it does suit very fair skin tones to medium and Mediterranean tones.

However, it is disappointing that Chanel do not have a wider range of colours, including deeper and richer tones. I do believe this is a downfall in the range as Chanel have some amazing products and it is a shame it is not suited to all skin tones. This has never been an issue for my light skin however for all deeper toned ladies and gents, this is an everyday issue when finding a foundation, concealer or bronzer.

Moving on, when speaking about Chanel’s packaging, I think we can all agree that they offer a very sleek and sophisticated appearance which emphasises the magic inside the box. By touch, we can see and feel that the packaging is luxurious.

Would I re-buy this item? 100% yes, without a doubt. I would definitely recommend this bronzing makeup to anyone with a light to medium skin tone looking for a holiday bronze all year round. I love the consistency and sleek packaging and would say the Chanel Soleil bronzer is my go to, staple item in my makeup kit.