Our 10 Top Tips for Surviving the Office Party


10 Top Tips for Surviving the Office Party

Some people look forward to it all year, others dread it but most people can’t avoid it so here are our top ten tips for surviving the Office party.

1.You must attend, it is all about building team spirit and getting to know people, you cannot afford to not go.

2.Check the dress code and do not wear fancy dress if others don’t, check the pictures from previous years to get an idea of what is expected.

3.Make sure you eat something; if you are a fussy eater discreetly take something along with you, just in case or eat before you go.

4.Don’t drink too much; make sure you drink some water along with the alcohol. Getting drunk is not good at any time, especially amongst your work colleagues, it’s a sure fire way to miss out on promotion. If you know you can get carried away once you start drinking ask someone you trust to keep an eye on you, when they say you’ve had enough swop to soft drinks.

5.Mingle; speak to new people not just people you know well. Try to talk about things other than work, get to know people, their family and interests outside of work might help you in your dealings within work. Don’t just talk to people you know well and like it can make you look clicky at best, bitchy at worst.

6.If you are naturally shy it can help to buddy up with someone and work the room in a pair, but make sure you include others.

7.Take your clues from other people, if dancing is involved and everyone is going crazy and you want to join in then fill your boots. If there is dancing and it’s more reserved best to match that style.

8.Be very careful about office politics, disagreements or romance, remember this is still work, don’t allow a few glasses of wine to loosen your reserve and go and tell someone what you really feel about them whether that is negative or positive. This is not the time or place. Enjoy yourself but keep your guard up.

9.If partners are invited make sure your partner will fit in, not get bored, jealous or drunk. If you are at all concerned go on your own. If your company policy is not to invite partners just accept it.

10.Make sure you make it into work the next day, unless it’s a standard day off for everyone. It’s good to share experiences and stories and if you have met new people make a point of going and saying Hello.