Respectful Recruiting: Why It Matters More Than You Think

In the world of beauty, where loyalty runs deep, your recruitment game has never mattered more. Year after year, our Salary Survey & Industry Reports reveal that beauty professionals tend to stick around, often for their entire careers. If you’re in the business of beauty, you need to get this right.

This isn’t just about being polite. It’s about protecting your bottom line and building an employer brand that attracts top talent.

Candidates Are Customers

In skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, and all things beauty, the lines between candidates and customers are blurred. Many job applicants are loyal consumers of your products or services. They know your brand inside out, and there’s a reason they’re drawn to it.

Failing to respond promptly and professionally sends a negative message that reverberates far beyond the hiring process.

A candidate who feels ‘ghosted’ or dismissed will share their experience with friends and followers, who can all take their business elsewhere, damaging sales and hitting your bottom line.

The Power of Word of Mouth

In beauty, word-of-mouth is gold. Consumers rely on recommendations from friends, influencers, and online reviews.

Treat applicants well, and they become vocal advocates. They’ll enthusiastically endorse you to their networks, even if unsuccessful. But leave them jaded, and their cautionary tales will steer talented prospects away.

Building an Employer of Choice Reputation

Your employer reputation is closely tied to your overall brand image. Top professionals seek out companies known for valuing their people. But repeated warnings put candidates off applying.

An employer of choice attracts premier talent, retains staff longer, and builds an engaged, loyal workforce.

Respect and professionalism show candidates and the wider industry that your company values its people, clients, and customers.

Setting the Tone for the Employee Experience

A positive, seamless recruitment journey lays the foundations for ongoing transparency, mutual trust, and respect.

But delayed responses, dismissive feedback, or worse – silence, suggests poor commitment to employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

Even stellar candidates offered jobs may decline to join companies with such warning signs.

The 7 Essentials for Respectful Recruiting

Follow these steps to get recruitment right from the start:

1. Provide a Clear Process Upfront

Define your recruitment process from the outset. Is it a 2-step interview process or more complex? Will a task or assessment be required? Share it with us, so we can manage timelines and expectations.

2. Respond to Every Applicant

Reply to every single application, even if you get hundreds of them. People who apply and hear nothing think badly of your company and won’t apply again. You lose them now and forever. As your recruitment partner, we do this for you, protecting and even enhancing your employer brand reputation.

3. Give Prompt & Constructive Feedback

We give candidates feedback from interviews or tasks within 24 hours, 48 hours max. Top talent will be juggling interviews and offers from your competitors, so it’s vital to keep them engaged and motivated.

4. Be Transparent

If you have a top choice but want to keep other candidates in the loop, just tell us. We will take steps to keep everyone engaged and motivated.

5. Manage Timeline Changes

Chopping and changing at short notice frustrates candidates and risks losing top prospects with multiple offers on the table. If there’s a delay, tell us immediately. Don’t lose a stellar candidate because someone’s gone on holiday! If they know there’s a slight delay, they might hold off on other offers.

6. Seek Guidance if Struggling to Attract Talent

If you consistently struggle to attract top talent, talk to us. We know the industry inside out and can help you to face and overcome negative perceptions of your company as an employer.

7. People Before Profits, Always

In beauty, connections and empathy build success. Consistently put people first to thrive.

Commit Time and Focus to Recruiting Top Talent

You’re hiring someone to save your or your team’s time. Committing to the process fully gives you the best chance of securing the ideal candidate.

Respectful recruiting efficiently sources suitable candidates and leaves a positive impression on all applicants.

Working with an experienced, specialist recruitment agency will save you time, reach top talent that isn’t actively job seeking, clear obstacles in the process, and cement your reputation as a company that values people and fosters strong industry relationships.

The Arthur Edward Team

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