The mask that promises bright and detoxed skin in just 10 minutes, can this really be true?


So, after seeing all the hype and media attention around the new Australian Brand, Sand and Sky, I decided to dive right in and try their well-loved Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask. This product seemed to appear out of nowhere, suddenly everyone was posting reviews and video demonstrations using this product!

At first, I was a little bit sceptical, I’ve seen how much the beauty influencers love it, and how it’s worked wonders for their skin, but could I really justify spending £40 on a face mask and would it really work wonders for my skin.

The directions recommend using this mask 1-2 times a week if you have dry skin and 3 times a week for oily skin. I went for 2 times a week as I used to have very dry skin (which fortunately has improved now) but I don’t want the pesky dry patches to return, as they are most certainty unwelcome.

My skin at the moment is not co-operating with me as much as I would like (when does it ever!)I have tiny little bumps under my skin on my forehead, chin and temples and blackheads around the perimeter of my cheeks and nose. When I saw The Sand and Sky face mask on my desk, I saw it as a sign from above, it could not have arrived at a better time. I prayed this would help my skin… and it did.

I must mention they haven’t skimped on the packaging, (which to be honest I wouldn’t expect them to considering they are charging £39.50 for the product.) The packaging, which has just been re-vamped to give more of an ‘Aussie vibe’ is super cute and feels very heavy and expensive. Not to mention, the little brush it contains is a fab addition, coming with a plastic protector to cover it.

The mask claims that the clay will absorb dirt and impurities, draw out toxins and restore the skins natural defence shield, resulting in the tightening and refining of pores. Sounds amazing, who wouldn’t want to try it? It’s like a little jar of luxury.

As I was applying it, I noticed a tingling sensation on my skin, which I was expecting as I had done research on the product prior to trying, so this didn’t set off any alarm bells, it just made me feel as if the active ingredients were doing their job properly.

Once the face mask had dried, it turns completely white, that’s when you know you’re ready to remove it. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to remove, it turned into a creamy face wash, no faffing around and getting it stuck in your hair line which is what tends to happen with other clay masks. Once I had removed the mask, I was a bit underwhelmed. I couldn’t see these drastic differences I had seen online, my skin was definitely smoother, but there wasn’t much more than that. Bear in mind this was the first time using the mask once and they do recommend using it twice a week. So, I persevered and thank goodness I did.

After using the product for a good 2 weeks, I’ve answered the question that was bugging me; ‘is it worth it?’

I must say, despite my initial speculation, the Sand and Sky face mask is worth it….

One of my favourite features of the mask is that you don’t only have to use the product solely as a mask. I’ve found it works extremely well as an individual spot treatment. I applied a tiny bit of the mask directly to a spot and by the morning its was half the size! The spot had completely dried out and was significantly flatter than the evening before. I’ve never had a spot treatment work so effectively.

If you are looking to indulge in a new skin care product, I would defiantly recommend splashing out on The Australian Pink Clay Porerefining Face Mask. You will have no regrets, well only if you don’t try it!